The ESP8266 is the main Cozmo controller, responsible for Wi-Fi communication.

SPI Flash Memory Map

The SPI flash size is 2 MB.

The below memory map has been reconstructed based on a SPI flash memory dump and NvEntryTag values.

Offset      Length      Type    Description
0x00000000  0x00001000  Code    Bootloader.

0x00001000  0x00001000  Data    Unknown. The first 4 bytes are the head serial number.
0x00002000  0x00001000  Data    Unknown.

0x00003000  0x0007b800  Code    Application image 1.
0x0007e800  0x00001800  Data    Application image 1 signature. See .

0x00080000  0x0005e000  Code    Recovery image / factory firmware.

0x000de000  0x00000030  Data    Birth certificate.
0x000de030  0x00021fd0  Data    Factory data.

0x00100000  0x00003000  Data    Unknown.

0x00103000  0x0007b800  Code    Application image 2    
0x0017e800  0x00001800  Data    Application image 2 signature. See .

0x00180000  0x00018000  Data    Application data.
0x00198000  0x00028000  Data    Empty.

0x001c0000  0x0001e000  Data    Factory reserved 1.
0x001de000  0x0001e000  Data    Factory reserved 2. Empty?

0x001fc000  0x00001000  Data    Unknown.
0x001fd000  0x00001000  Data    Wi-Fi configuration 1.
0x001fe000  0x00001000  Data    Wi-Fi configuration 2.
0x001ff000  0x00001000  Data    Unknown.