pycozmo packageΒΆ

pycozmo.audiokinetic.exception AudioKinetic WWise exceptions.
pycozmo.audiokinetic.soundbank AudioKinetic WWise SoundBank representation and reading.
pycozmo.audiokinetic.soundbanksinfo AudioKinetic WWise SoundbanksInfo.xml representation and reading.
pycozmo.audiokinetic.wem AudioKinetic WWise WEM file representation and reading.
pycozmo.expressions.expressions Facial expression definitions.
pycozmo.activity Activity representation and reading.
pycozmo.anim Animation clip representation, reading, and preprocessing.
pycozmo.anim_controller Animation controller for audio, image, and animation playback.
pycozmo.anim_encoder Reading and writing of Cozmo animations in FlatBuffers (.bin) and JSON format. Cozmo audio encoding.
pycozmo.behavior Behavior representation and reading.
pycozmo.brain Brain class - high level behavior and emotion engine. Camera image decoding.
pycozmo.client Cozmo protocol client and high-level API.
pycozmo.conn Cozmo protocol low-level client and server connection.
pycozmo.emotions Emotion representation and reading.
pycozmo.event Event declaration and dispatching.
pycozmo.exception Exception declarations.
pycozmo.filter ID filtering for logging.
pycozmo.frame Cozmo protocol frame representation and encoding and decoding.
pycozmo.image_encoder Cozmo image run-length encoding and decoding.
pycozmo.lights Helper routines for working with colors and lights.
pycozmo.object Cozmo objects (cubes, platforms, etc.).
pycozmo.procedural_face Cozmo procedural face rendering.
pycozmo.protocol_ast Cozmo protocol abstract syntax tree (AST) types.
pycozmo.protocol_base Cozmo protocol implementation base.
pycozmo.protocol_declaration Cozmo protocol abstract syntax tree (AST) declaration.
pycozmo.protocol_encoder Cozmo protocol packet encoder classes, based on protocol version 2381.
pycozmo.protocol_generator Cozmo protocol packet encoder code generator.
pycozmo.protocol_utils Cozmo protocol encoding helper classes and functions.
pycozmo.robot Robot constants and helper code.
pycozmo.robot_debug Cozmo firmware debug message decoding. Helper functions for running PyCozmo applications.
pycozmo.util Utility classes and functions.
pycozmo.window Cozmo protocol sliding window implementation.