Brain class - high level behavior and emotion engine.


Brain(cli) Cozmo robot brain class.
class pycozmo.brain.Brain(cli: pycozmo.client.Client)

Bases: object

Cozmo robot brain class.

activate_behavior(behavior_id: str) → None
deactivate_behavior() → None
heartbeat_thread_run() → None

Heartbeat thread loop.

on_behavior_done(cli: pycozmo.client.Client) → None
on_camera_image(cli: pycozmo.client.Client, new_im) → None

Process images, coming from the robot camera.

on_cliff_detected(cli: pycozmo.client.Client, state: bool) → None
on_robot_falling_change(cli: pycozmo.client.Client, state: bool)
on_robot_on_charger_change(cli: pycozmo.client.Client, state: bool) → None
on_robot_orientation_change(cli: pycozmo.client.Client, orientation: pycozmo.robot.RobotOrientation) → None
on_robot_picked_up_change(cli: pycozmo.client.Client, state: bool) → None
post_reaction(reaction_trigger: str) → None

Post a reaction trigger to the reaction trigger queue.

process_reaction(reaction_trigger: str) → None
reaction_thread_run() → None

Reaction thread loop. Reaction trigger queue processing.

update_emotion_types() → None

Update emotion types from their decay functions.